Between two Pines

Is a luxurious destination wellness retreat, nestled within the San Jacinto mountains. BTP is a window to the breathtaking beauty of the pines that so majestically cloak this land.

Listening to the winds in the pines, it’s as if Mother Nature herself is leading you in a guided meditation.

Relaxation & Reflection- these are very fitting activities at BTP. The very pine scented air itself induces a sense of serenity and well being.

Beautifully appointed, this mountain home is just minutes away from the quaint, magical town of Idyllwild.

Between two Pines was birthed from a very instinctual place…

I’ve walked in the trees of the Idyllwild mountains for years. The smell of the pines, the beautiful pallet of colors offered by nature, literally opened a door deep within my soul to a warm feeling of home and belonging.


What’s below that…

Connection and an expansive sense of love and gratitude, much greater than myself. It naturally fueled my passion to create a place that feels like a refuge – a return to the womb. Deep down inside, every one of us awaits a gift. Some of us rush towards this gift with excitement and anticipation, fully open to receiving. Others may proceed cautiously as to what may be exposed. I ENCOURAGE all of you – open your gift today! You are all so unique and beautiful! It is from this place of deep connection and awareness that we can truly access our purpose and call it forth, transforming our dreams into reality.


Love & Gratitute,
Mary Halls